We believe that the best marketing we have is our existing clients. Over the years, Foundation Escrow has worked with many real estate professionals throughout San Diego. We have earned a reputation of providing the highest level of service in the escrow industry. We know that we are doing a good job when our clients continue to refer us to their friends and colleagues. There is no advertising better than word of mouth. It not only cannot be bought, it is truly priceless.

Unfortunately, space and time does not allow us to publish all of our testimonials, so we have selected just a few of our favorites below. Take a look at some of the following testimonials from real Foundation Escrow customers.

I have worked with Maria for several months now; she has done a wonderful job. The consistent positive feedback I get from my clients means the world to me With Maria’s extensive background as a Title Officer, she always can finda a solution.
Mils Edwards Solutions Real Estate
Here is what I have to say about Foundation Escrow and the staff the work there; They are amazing!! I have been in the Mortgage Business for almost 29 years and have dealt with many escrow companies and many more escrow officers and I have to compliment Foundation Escrow for putting together an office of some of the nicest, and competent personnel I have ever had the pleasure of working with. You will be treated with courtesy and utmost professionalism on each and every transaction and your clients will feel that professionalism and courtesy as they are going through their loan process. I recommend Foundation Escrow to many of my associates who are looking for an escrow company that can do the job right. In this ever-changing world of Real Estate and Mortgage Banking, it’s refreshing to have an escrow company that can conform to the changes with a positive attitude. Thanks Foundation Escrow for making my job easier.
Donna L. Shaw Disney Financial Corporation
Maria and her team are a pleasure to work with. Everyone is not only helpful and knowledgeable, but very responsive and communicative as well. My emails are answered almost immediately and when I have questions, someone is always available to assist. Whenever I can choose services, FOUNDATION ESCROW is at the top of my list.
Sue Sorrento-Larson Residential Wholesale Mortgage, Inc.
We’ve used many different escrow companies during the past few years and I can honestly say that Maria Sarwary with Foundation Escrow and her team excel at what they do. In today’s market, speed is the number one key, and Foundation Escrow proves day in and day out that they are one of the top escrow companies in San Diego. It is a pleasure to work with Foundation Escrow, thanks!
Maria Amador AMG Banking
Foundation Escrow is the most competent, reliable escrow company around. They have the most phenomenal customer service in the industry and now I have the confidence that each of my closings will be as smooth as possible with Foundation Escrow on my team!
Aubre Britza Disney Financial Corporation
Tiana Regeczi with Foundation Escrow goes above and beyond for my clients, my Agents and myself. I could not ask for a better Escrow Officer who is willing to drive to pick up docs if necessary, meet with clients face to face or push for exceptions when we need them to close a transaction. I look forward to working with Tiana and Foundation Escrow for years to come!
Tomas S. Unknown
During the last six years of me being in the Real Estate business I have worked for an escrow company for three years and then became a Real Estate Assistant and Short Sale Processor. I have worked with just about every escrow company in San Diego. I have found that Foundation Escrow would get the Great Recognition Award for outstanding professionalism and performance.The staff at Foundation Escrow has great customer service skills. You can really see that they all take pride in their job and I really enjoy working with Foundation Escrow. Whenever given the choice, I send my business to Foundation Escrow Company. Thank you for all your hard work!
Victoria Wight Real Estate Processor
If you are looking for a solid escrow officer and company, Foundation Escrow is who you need to start using! It was a like a breath of fresh air when my loan officers started using Andrea schmitt. She is the BEST! There is nothing like have an experianced escrow officer that not only works just as hard and experianced but provides the BEST customer service. They are called “FOUNDATION” Escrow for a reason.
Alba T. Real Estate Services
Maria Sarwary – this girl needs a cape because she is actually “Super” Escrow Officer! She is on top of her game…you always get immediate response to emails, phone calls, text, etc. She opens Escrow immediately upon receipt of the contract, and requests & provides all needs same day. Maria is extremely pro-active. She knows all of the in and outs of real estate, and offers the proper solutions to the issues that arise during the escrow process. The backing to her team is Stephanie. Ballheim, the Business Development Manager. Not only has she been a huge source of information, and assistance, she has become a close friend of mine. Stephanie is honest, hard-working, and pro-active. She listens to the needs of her clients, and has solutions for you right away. I love working with everyone in this office, They are truly set apart.
Jennifer N. Licensed Real Estate Agent
Most people that know me, know the difficulty I have had in finding the right Independent Escrow company I could call “home.” With more than a year on the books with Foundation Escrow, I can safely say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. The teamwork of our staff, the laughter in the office, the lack of micro-management, coupled with a sophisticated balance of direction and compliance, has made me excited to go to work every day. For an “A” Personality-controlled-freaked-Escrow-officers, that is nothing short of refreshing. I am honored to be part of their team and challenge any disgruntled EO to stop by and see what our family is all about.
Tiana D. Licensed Real Estate Agent
I have worked with many different escrow officers but Foundation and MARIA SARWARY are by far the best! Maria goes above and beyond to ensure all transaction deadlines are met she is very professional and knowledgeable. I recommend Foundation Escrow and Maria Sarwary hands down for all of your escrow needs, their service is exceptional from beginning to end. Her and her team are organized, informed, and work very diligently to ensure a smooth escrow. My rating is not a 5 but a 10!!!
Maria A. Licensed Real Estate Agent
I would like to express my gratitude to Andrea Schmitt with Foundation escrow for being such an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve worked with several escrow officers over the years, and from my experience no one works harder to provide their clients with exceptional service than Andrea. Thank you for all that you do!
Nathan P. Unknown
I am a real estate attorney and I’ve worked with Maria Sarwary of Foundation Escrow on three transactions in the last year. Each transaction was complicated in its own way. Maria and her team handled each one diligently and competently. The number one complaint about escrow is delay. However, you can expect Maria to respond to your email inquiries within minutes and even after hour. Overall, a very impressive team.
Natalie N. Real Estate Attorney
I have never had such an outstanding, reliable, accurate and fantastic escrow officer and company like Maria Sarwary with Foundation Escrow. You will not find a more professional and efficient escrow officer. She is the BEST! There is nothing like having an experienced escrow officer that not only works just as hard but provides the BEST customer service.
Jasmin M. Unknown

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